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Nirvana is anywhere

Nirvana is not necessarily a place but rather a state of consciousness that is achieved during certain meditation disciplines. The ultimate Buddhist path is to live presently in Nirvana where humans are free from the suffering that occurs when we exhibit hatred, ignorance and greed.

The term Nirvana translates to (blowing out) the extinguishing of self-entitlement and obsessions that relate to ‘me and mine’. Rather Buddhist philosophy points to the theory that the poor, sick, destitute, orphaned and elderly deserve protection which can only be achieved through collective action.

Buddhists also believe that violence and killing of any creature is forbidden.Buddhists believe that the state of re-birth is determined by karma, relating to the theory that when we die, we return to either pay-back or complete unfinished business related to the deeds and actions in the previous life.

An enlightened mind is one that is free from anxiety, doubt, worry, and fear. This is Nirvana – where destructive emotions have been blown-out and there is no need for rebirth.

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